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A leading nameplate manufacturer, PremiumEmblem produces plated metal and plastic nameplates for the automotive OEM and aftermarkets as well as for all other industries.

Display your company logos and brand emblems on high quality, customized 3D nameplates.

A molded plastic or metal nameplate is finished to meet the custom target design objectives:

  • shiny metal to add rich reflective beauty
  • antique finish to provide retro appeal
  • hand beaten look to lend a heavier, more tactile style
  • painted finishes to show perfection in vivid colors and hues
  • gold to represents opulence and luxury


How We make Our Nameplates

Fully equipped to produce this wide range of quality finishes on plated metal or plastic nameplates, PremiumEmblem also employs die, laser and diamond cutting as well as etching, embossing, and doming, according to nameplate design requirements.

With 3D design prototyping and accurate color matching capabilities, the most sophisticated nameplates and strictest brand logos can be reproduced to exact requirements.

PremiumEmblem nameplate manufacturer produces lightweight and durable products that provide outstanding quality at low cost.

Always eye-catching, they are flexible and can be designed to easily adhere to curved surfaces or in difficult places. Challenge our engineers and expert designers with your application – we are proud to find nameplate solutions for even the most difficult cases.

Present us with your design considerations, including your objectives, size and shape specifications, usage details, colors and finish requirements, environmental conditions and budget criteria.

We will take your concept from initial sketches and drawings, through 3D graphics and modeling to final prototyping to ensure your original intent is met.

We cater for different mounting methods and challenges, accommodating additional patterns and finish options, and produce a nameplate you will be proud to display as representative of your corporate identity.

Nameplate Kenmore

CASE STUDY - PremiumEmblem were awarded the contract to supply custom nameplates for Kitchen Aid products.


Custom Metal Finish

Kitchenaid custom nameplate is designed to display the company logo with a textured finish. We offer a range of samples and ideas when we prototype logos and nameplates.


Precision Cutting Technologies

Kitchenaid, as with most of our clients, have custom dimensions required for all nameplate emblems. The process? Precision cutting technologies.


Adhering to Strict Guidelines

PremiumEmblem's 3D prototyping capabilities enabled Kitchen Aid to see their finished design prototypes for final checking and testing.

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