Choose The Illuminated Badges & Labels For Your Business

Our illuminated badges are the ideal solution for anyone looking for an extremely noticeable brand emblem for any industry be it automobiles, wine, packaging, shipping…just about anybody who wants to draw attention to his or her logo in an effective, bold, and unusual way. Their general appearance is a stealthy dark mode when off, but a bright, lively appearance when lit in the color of your choice.

For those car enthusiasts who enjoy a little off-road experience every now and then, we have something special for you also: our lighted vehicle emblems. They are just what you need to revamp your vehicle’s style while still making it more visible at night.

Utilizing a unique board-free technology, our LED badges are the most durable and versatile solution for someone looking for aesthetic lighted displays. Other impressive features you will love about our products include:

  • Fully-sealed design
  • Water, vibration, shock, corrosion, impact, and UV resistance to ensure they last a lifetime.
  • Illuminated style with efficient lighting. The emblems look good both at day and night providing your logo with a highly custom look which eventually increases the value of your brand.
  • Premium construction. The overall styling & appearance delivers great value for your money.
  • High-end thermal management.
  • Consistent, accurate illumination.
  • A wide palette delivering a great mix of colors, light harmony, and uniform appearance.
  • Aesthetics, sophistication, luxury, and premium technology delivered in a single package!
  • Ultimate benefit = Brand Recognition.


How We Make Our Illuminated Badges

All our logo badges and emblems are made from the traditional mold-injection process. On request, we can also use our LED techniques alongside the traditional construction process to create characters that use light to blend in perfectly with the rest of the surroundings.

To cater to a wide range of material preferences, the illuminated badges come in different materials including plastic, stainless steel, aluminium, and virtually every other metal. Make sure you specify the exact type of material you want.

Illuminated Car Badges- Upgrade Your Vehicle

Are you a car manufacturer? If yes, have you been looking to make your car noticeable, especially at night? Our LED Illuminated car badge collection is just what you are looking for. We fabricate a wide range of lighting options from simple logo badges to fully functioning glow kits. In both cases, you can rest assured that the illuminated car emblems you receive will be weather resistant and waterproof. They will also blend in with the factory options of the vehicle to ensure you are not straying too far away from the lighting on the vehicle’s turn signals, parking lights, and taillight section. The process utilizes high-quality materials similar to those used by auto manufacturers.

To provide a sleek, elegant finish that pops out even during the daytime, the designed characters are chrome-plated. Every finished product is also cross-checked to ensure that they meet the industry-set product durability standards.

With all our illuminated emblems, you also get to choose between the different types of finishes such as chrome, printing, and painting. Whatever you want, we will create custom illuminated badges suited to your exact needs. The variety of custom illuminated badges we can fabricate for you is simply limited by your imagination!

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