Bulk Flexible Nameplates

Not all surfaces are flat. At Premium Emblems, we have the expertise to design and manufacture logos and nameplates for curved surfaces. Whether your nameplate is for a curved dashboard in an automobile or packaging for your luxury product, we can provide you with an attractive, durable logo that will enhance your brand identity.

We manufacture for all industries, specializing in designs that maximize your brand identity while accommodating a complex shape and surface. We offer materials that provide the required flexibility and durability for a curved surface while presenting a high quality image.

At Premium Emblems, we manufacture our flexible nameplates and logos in a range of plastics, metals, and finishes, and have the capabilities to manufacture precise, complex shapes. We offer 2D and 3D design services and 3D prototyping and modeling, with quick-turn prototyping. Our production capabilities include quantities from short run to full production, with a 500-piece minimum fro export to the U.S.

We are known worldwide for the quality of our flexible nameplates, emblems, and badges. Call today to see how we can help you promote your brand and increase your brand recognition.


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Flexible Nameplates

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