Illuminated Wine Labels - Next Big Step For Your Wine Business

Are you looking for a partner who will help you create illuminated logos for your wine brand? Using our LED technologies, we can help you create decorative light-up labels. These labels will add value to all your wine bottles, providing a spectacular design that will make nightlife lovers go head over heels.

For wine brand owners, this is the next big step you should take for your wine business. Our illuminated LED labels will perfectly replicate any logo using our advanced multi-layer, any-color printing technology. The end result is a luminous label that merges gracefully with the decoration on the wine bottle. To bring the bottle to life, you will only need to press a little button placed inconspicuously in the hollow space at the bottom of the wine bottle. Alternatively, you can go for our light-up-on-touch technologies. The latter uses an automatic OLED light embedded within a thin piece of pressure-sensitive paper that has the logo printed on it.

All the wine illuminated label systems are self-powered thus eliminating the need for external wired power plugs. They are also fully-sealed so there is no need to worry about damaging the lighting system when the wine bottle is immersed in an ice bucket.


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