South West Airlines Emblem Design Case Study

Airplanes are a huge canvass where artists can play around with different design elements. They can place a company's logo or tag line in strategic locations to hit their advertising and marketing goals. They can also add custom chrome badges which can shine when it's hit by the sun so it catches the eye of people who are on the ground and watching planes fly.

  • About The South West Airlines

South West Airlines takes pride in its dedication to giving customer service with a heart. This high quality service comes with friendliness, and warmth, which is why they have loyal customers. The company also wants to bridge gaps between people by providing low-cost plane fares.

  • Why It Choose Heart Symbol As Emblem For Re-branding

The company decided to go for a major re-branding and their customers were quick to notice that their chrome plastic emblems were heart-shaped. South West Airlines has been around for more than forty years and they are no longer stunned by their competition. Their competitors have tried to attack them by offering plane fares that are far cheaper than theirs but they were never rattled since they know their strength. At the end of the day, they treat their customers like family so they decided to focus on that when they were re-branding.

One of the key players in this transition is Premium Emblem Co. ltd. They executed South West Airlines' new logo by producing finishes for their custom chrome emblems. The leading manufacturer of nameplates and emblems followed all of the elements in the design and they were able to deliver.

  • General Specifications & Considerations Of Emblem Design

Premium Emblem Co. ltd. had to produce several prototypes to make sure that the chrome plastic emblem fits to South West Airlines' liking. This process allowed them to decide on whether a semi-satin, high gloss, or combination of both finishes will suit the emblem. They also worked on the transitions between the perimeter of the heart and the metal bands.

Not everyone is aware of this, but there are strict considerations and specifications that need to be followed when creating custom chrome emblems for airplanes. In fact, all parts of flights should pass American NASA FLAME TESTING, nobody can make chrome plastic parts to pass this test except Premium Emblem Co. ltd. This makes the company a perfect partner for airlines intend to create custom chrome badges for their planes.

  • Contribution to Chrome Design

This successful partnership between South West Airlines and Premium Emblem Co. ltd. shows that there plenty of possibilities that can be explored when it comes to chrome design. One only has to do enough research and search for the perfect partner that can produce the right prototypes and execute the design perfectly. One more thing that deserves recognition is the search for the right finish that will make the emblem an excellent tool for brand recognition. Paying attention to small details, like transitions and mounting was a huge factor, too.


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