Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sport Badge Design Case Study

When you say automotive industry, custom car badges are part of the package. In fact, you can rarely see cars that have no car emblems on either side of the body.

Another benefit that custom car emblems offer is it allows owners to put their personal stamp on their vehicle. It raises brand awareness as well. In fact, custom car automotive badges are the reason why Mercedes-Benz is known in all parts of the world today. All of its top-of-the-line features will go unnoticed if it did not invest in chrome car badges.

  • About Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Mercedes-Benz launched it's newest entry level car last year, but has so many things to brag about. Compared to its older model, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is sleeker and sportier. It's nose resembles that of a shark's and a lot of emphasis is on the aesthetics. The value of the car's utility is increased while the sporty feel is maintained.

  • Progressive Design Of A-Class Sport Badge

Mercedes-Benz A-Class collection is the company's way of leveling up their design philosophy. They want a car that's affordable but has top-of-the-line features. Another aspect that was taken into consideration during design and production was to find a way that people feel certain emotions when they see the vehicle.

Aside from the exteriors and the interiors, the custom car badges of the top vehicle in the automotive industry was also redesigned. It is now sleeker, minimalist, gets the point across and does a swell job at catching everyone's eye. This is exactly what custom car emblems are for.

  • Quality Considerations & Tests for Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz puts premium on the quality of cars they produce. Every single part of the car, custom automotive badges included, go through a series of tests to make sure it reaches their standards. Such tests include pore density and cracks for chrome car badges. It also undergoes tests for the thickness of the coating, temperature shock, and resistance to corrosion. Since the car emblem is an exterior part of the car, it also goes through long-term corrosion resistance test to see how long it can keep blistering at bay. All suppliers need to fulfill the requirements and pass these tests before receiving the stamp of approval from Mercedes-Benz.

  • Coating & Other Developments

It is imperative that the sequence of the coating is documented or indicated in the drawing. The texture and color used for coating also has to be discussed with the Quality Management of Mercedes-Benz. While there is already an agreed standard color for chrome surfaces, different hues may be added through processes such as electroplating, paint coats, adding PVD, or other metal top coats. Colors that have an iridescent appearance or can be seen by the naked eye are not allowed.

Mercedes-Benz highly recommends adding another layer of treatment after coating. This treatment will protect the coat from soiling such as scratches and fingerprints. Coats applied after electroplating should meet the requirements of PV and DBL.


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