Kitchen Aid Nameplate Design Case Study

For some people, the kitchen is heaven on earth. It's a place where they can explore various dishes and infuse tastes originating from different parts of the world. The cooking enthusiast's playground would not be complete without the wide selection of ingredients and, of course, equipment.

One company that ranks high when it comes to producing quality equipment is Kitchen Aid.

  • About Kitchen Aid

A century of producing quality cutlery, cook tops, coffee makers, and other cooking equipment. That's how long Kitchen Aid has been in the culinary industry. They aim to create tools that will allow cooks, chefs, and cooking enthusiasts to be at their best when they are working in the kitchen. Kitchen Aid wants to create a world of possibilities for people who want to blend, brew, bake, and cook.

It makes perfect sense that their products are ergonimically designed. This makes the experience of cooking fun even for those who are threatened by it. The embossed aluminum nameplates are a staple, so customers will always remember that they have Kitchen Aid with them as they whip up sumptuous dishes, desserts, and drinks.

  • Outdoor BBQ Grill Badges Design

Kitchen Aid is known for their line of barbecue grills. Their collection has grills that are precise and powerful so people can enjoy the experience of cooking or grilling outdoors. The company's logo shines brightly on the BBQ grill badges, making it difficult for people to miss that Kitchen Aid is responsible for grilling meat to perfection.

  • Intense Temperature For The BBQ Grill

The food is exposed to the ever-changing conditions during outdoor cooking. Concerns about the intense temperature are addressed by variations of Kitchen Aid's design. While the metal nameplates are constantly visible, the material used on the body varies. Some of their grills are made from stainless steel, while other island grills are made from faux-stone. The designs are simple, but they provide so much room for newbies and experts to make the most out of their outdoor cooking experience.

Another feature that their outdoor cooking grill has, aside from grilling accessories like the grill covers, are the infrared searing burners. These slowly cook the meat's insides while caramelizing the outside. This is a feature that only Kitchen Aid's grills have.

  • Crafting The Master Piece With Technology

As mentioned earlier, Kitchen Aid puts a lot of work in to the products they create. From conceptualization, all the way to design and production, the company bears the cook in mind. It's all about making things easy while providing enough space for tasty possibilities. Then comes the technological innovations to execute all these concepts.

The company goes down to the nitty gritty details like embossed aluminum plates and BBQ grill badges. Of course, at the end of the day, their products should bear the company's name, while the performance showcases what Kitchen Aid stands for. It's the little things like metal nameplates that made Kitchen Aid the company that it is today.


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