PremiumEmblem has extensive manufacturing capabilities so that all associated production stages can be performed in-house. This ensures consistent product quality and continuity of supply.

Injection Molding

Very high mold quality is required for chrome plastic emblems, hence PremiumEmblem are experts in plastic injection molding. Chrome plating magnifies every detail of the mold so there can be no faults or flaws when producing the perfect emblem. To ensure the highest quality final product and accurate reproduction of corporate logos and insignia, PremiumEmblem conducts all its own injection molding processes in their custom manufacturing plant.

Cutting – Laser, Diamond

The highest accuracy is required when cutting, trimming or finishing custom emblems, nameplates or decorative accessories. PremiumEmblem has laser cutting and diamond cutting capabilities, in-house, to maintain quality standards.

Die Casting

When chrome is plated on metal, the mold needs to be of a very high standard to ensure the quality of the end product. Die casting forces molten metal into a hardened steel mold that has been machined to form the required casting shape. This casting is then cooled and cleaned, ready for the next stage of preparation for chrome plating process.

Stamping and Pressing

Metal molds can be stamped or pressed out for more cost effective alternative to die casting. Faster cycle time and lower die costs allow molds for emblems and chrome plated products to be produced at a lower price without any compromise in quality.

All of PremiumEmblem’s manufacturing capabilities support quality chrome plated production.
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